October 4, 2016

How to Dress For Fall (When It Still Feels Like Summer Out)

I don't know about where you live, but here in New Mexico is seriously still feels like summer most days. I think yesterday it was around 80 degrees... definitely not what you would expect for the first week of October. Don't get me wrong, I am not in a rush to say goodbye to summer, but it does make getting dressed in the morning a bit of a challenge at times. Here are the top 4 tips I live by when it comes to dressing for fall when it still feels like summer out:

1. Layer, layer, layer! - I recently posted this outfit, and have definitely worn it multiple times since. The top I am wearing is a tank top, which is perfect for the days when it is 80 degrees in the afternoon, but really chilly in the morning when leaving for work. Throwing a jean jacket over the top of pretty much anything (tops, sweaters, dresses, etc.) is ideal for fall!

2. Try a cold shoulder or off the shoulder top - I wore this cold shoulder blouse over the weekend when we visited Wagner's Farm to pick up some fresh green chile, and it was loose and airy enough to keep me cool in the sun. I love the idea of a cold shoulder top layered with a blazer or utility vest as well!

3. Throw a cardigan on - Maybe it's because I live somewhere that doesn't actually experience fall until mid to late October (or later), but I am a huge fan of cardigans. My ideal outfit throughout the year is a good tee or tank with a cardigan and my favorite pair of jeans. Choose your desired thickness depending on what you are layering it with.

4. Opt for lightweight pieces - A great pair of distressed jeans and a flowy blouse are always good options to keep you cool when the temperatures are high, and are just right to keep you warm if needed. This also goes for shoes - a nice lightweight pair of ankle boots can be worn with a dress or jeans no matter what the forecast throws your way!

What are your tips for dressing for fall when it's still warm out?

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