April 29, 2015

Packing My Bag For A Birth Center

Solly Baby Wrap - Floral Print Robe - Old Navy Flip Flops
Best Day Ever Gown - Ugg Slippers - Nursing Gown - iPad Mini

If you have been following along with my pregnancy, you may know that I am due in just a few weeks - I will actually be 37 weeks tomorrow! Something you probably don't know unless you know me IRL is that my husband and I have made the decision to go to a birth center, instead of a hospital, to birth our baby... well, for me to birth our baby! I have been a little hesitant to write about this part of my personal life until now, so disclaimer - please excuse the length of this post. It has been really surprising to me how controversial the topic of where you decide to have your baby can be. To be honest, the biggest response we received when we told people that we would not be going to a hospital was "What if something goes wrong?" or some question of how the baby and I would be able to handle being deprived of the modern medicine provided by a hospital during labor and birth. One of the biggest pros for us is that we will not be subjected to many of the procedures and interventions that are unnecessary in the context of a healthy, natural birth. Fortunately, up until this point, my pregnancy has been described as low-risk and overall healthy, which has allowed me the opportunity to go to a birth center. I do know that options can be very limited for women with specific risk factors, and I really want to stress that by no means am I discounting or looking down upon a hospital birth. The idea of looking into a birth center came about after watching The Business of Being Born, which I really recommend to you expecting moms if you have not yet seen it. Again, I am certainly not saying that hospital births are bad, that interventions are detrimental, or that a birth center is the way to go for everyone, but I am a strong believer in being educated about one's options, especially for such a big moment in life! Knowing that there are options outside of a hospital has been very empowering for me. I am really thankful and lucky that I have the option to go to a birth center, as I know they are not always available to some women due to varying circumstances. I feel happy and content with our decision knowing that we are working with midwives who view birth as a normal and natural process, rather than a medical condition that requires medical intervention. Ok, ok... I will get off of my soapbox and move onto the main purpose for this post.

If you search on Google or look on Pinterest for what to pack in a hospital bag, the results will be endless... which is helpful for most, but did not fit the bill for me. I definitely think packing for a birth outside of a hospital is very different, especially considering that I will not have to stay overnight at the birth center. Here are some of the essentials that I have included in my bag:

Clothing for myself: Since I won't have to wear a hospital gown, I am pretty much free to wear whatever is comfortable. In addition to comfortable clothes to come home in, I will be bringing a nursing gowna robeflip flops, and slippers to wear during labor. Even though I am not sure if I will need it, I am also packing a bathing suit top in case I decide to use the tub or shower at any point.

Clothes, diapers, and a blanket for baby: My mom bought Harper the most adorable gown from Best Day Everything to come home in, as well as a personalized hat that I recently posted a photo of on Instagram. I will probably pack a few extra onesies just in case anything gets dirty. I also plan to bring a blanket to wrap her in while at the birth center and for the ride home.

Toiletries: The birth center will supply shampoo, conditioner, and soap, so I have packed other essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb/brush, and makeup remover.

Drinks & snacks: Yes, I am allowed to and actually encouraged to eat and drink during labor! I am going to stock up on coconut water and regular water, and have also considered making my own labor aid electrolyte drink rather than bringing Gatorade. As far as snacks go, I plan to bring trail mix/nuts, Kind/Luna bars, and I am hoping to make these lemon pie energy bites.

Comfort items: The #1 thing for me on this list is music! Between our iPad and Pandora, I am planning to have music playing throughout. Music is such a big part of our lives, and can be a very helpful relaxation, breathing and focus tool. I have also recently been introduced to essential oils, and have really enjoyed using them during my pregnancy. I will be teaming up with some fabulous Doterra consultants soon to share specific oils to help with labor, and will also be offering a giveaway to Middle of Somewhere readers!

Rebozo: This is something we learned about in our birth series classes, and seems like it can be really helpful during labor! I am going to be packing my Solly Baby Wrap not only for baby, but because it is really long and soft and is actually the perfect length/size to be used as a rebozo scarf.

If you have made it this far, thank you for sticking with me through this long post! I would love to chat more about this topic with any of you who are interested in an out of hospital birth or who want to share your experiences, so please always feel free to email me

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April 27, 2015

Casual Bump Style

I am definitely starting to feel quite large and in charge with this baby bump of mine. It's starting to set in that in less than a month-ish our baby girl will be out in this world interacting with us! I went on a nesting frenzy this weekend... and yes, nesting is totally a real thing. I had my doubts at first, but when I decided we needed to organize clean everything (including bottles we won't even be using for awhile), I was convinced. I even think my husband is in nesting mode at this point. I think we are both just so excited for Harper's arrival that we can't help ourselves, even though I still have around 4 weeks left. Dressing myself is getting a bit more challenging, and all I have to say is thank goodness for maternity jeans and comfy shoes. I also love this basic tee from 304# Clothing and am so happy that it fits my baby bump perfectly. Especially since I have been pregnant, it is hard to find a comfy t-shirt to wear that doesn't feel like I am either wearing a schmedium or one of my husband's shirts, so this one definitely fits the bill. Also, can we talk about this gorgeous turquoise cuff?? I received it in my latest Rocksbox, and would totally be keeping it if it weren't over $100. This piece will be hard to give up when I send in for my next box, but I do plan to keep a gorgeous pair of Kendra Scott earrings that I will be sharing with you all very soon. If you have not yet tried out Rocksbox, this is one bandwagon you need to jump on. You can get your first month (which includes unlimited boxes.. that's a lot of jewelry in 30 days!) totally free to try with no obligation to sign up by using the code LINDSAYXOXO1.

Michael Kors 'Bradshaw' Watch (now on sale for under $200)
Charlene K Turquoise Cuff via Rocksbox (use code LINDSAYXOXO1 for your first month free)
Target Crossbody Bag (similar option from Target here)
Forever 21 Mirrored Sunglasses (sold out, similar pair here under $6!)

April 22, 2015

Kimono Love with Lularoe

Well I have officially hit the 9 month (36 week) mark and it's totally unbelievable! More days than not now I am definitely feeling it, and being comfortable in clothes is even more of a priority now than ever. I recently bought this hi-low dress from Old Navy in an attempt to expand my wardrobe without buying any more maternity clothes. Thankfully this dress, which is not a maternity dress, totally works for now and I can see myself living in it all summer long! I am definitely not comfortable with wearing dresses without something over them at this point (hello back fat and to quote Knocked Up - "my ass got so fat"), so to say I love this kimono from Lularoe is an understatement. If you have not yet heard of Lularoe before, you are totally missing out. They offer clothing from tops to dresses that are meant to fit women of all sizes and shapes, including us preggos, and all clothing is sold by independent business owners (#girlboss!). Since before I was pregnant, and even more so now, I am all for moms having the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with their babies, which is unfortunately not always an option for everyone. I love that Lularoe provides the opportunity for women to have a flexible career and work from home, perfect for moms or moms-to-be. Make sure to check out their shop to see all of the beautiful designs and fabrics that are exclusive to Lularoe. Since receiving this kimono a week ago, I am embarrassed to say I have worn it at least 3 times and I do not see an end in sight.

To receive more information about owning your own Lularoe business (if you're looking to make extra money on the side or to pursue it as a full time job), please feel free to contact Sadi Thompson at You can also follow her along on Instagram at @lulagirlsblog. 

Old Navy Jersey Maxi Dress (non-maternity)
Target Wedges (old, this woven pair is on my wishlist and under $30!)
Mini Me Necklace c/o Lola James Jewelry
Gold Cuff c/o Heirloom Finds
Baublebar Turquoise 360 Studs (no longer available, love these organic 360 studs)

April 20, 2015

Stripes x Denim

A striped top and jeans are always a go-to of mine, and wearing this combination while pregnant is no exception. I do realize that horizontal stripes are probably not as flattering when you're 35 weeks pregnant, but this point all I have to say to that is YOLO (amiright fellow pregnant ladies??) With only 5 weeks-ish left to go until our baby girl arrives, I have definitely noticed a big change in my energy level. I am still feeling pretty good overall, but do notice how tired I am by the end of the day. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and flat sandals are pretty much my only options at this point. On days where I am not feeling so cute and feeling especially large, I love to accessorize my outfits with unique jewelry, like my new tassel bracelet from Sparkle & Gem, and I am really into hats! I have a feeling that I will be getting a lot of use out of this one from Forever 21, especially on those days that I hear are coming after the baby is born where I won't be washing my hair regularly.

Kohl's Embellished Sandals (old, love this affordable pair under $35)
Ana Tassel Bracelet c/o Sparkle & Gem
Slate Necklace via Rocksbox (get your first month FREE with the code LINDSAYXOXO1)
3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Purse

April 15, 2015

What's Old Is New Again

Oh to be almost 35 weeks pregnant.... it's definitely catching up to me at this point! I have been feeling a lot more tired and worn out during the past week or so, and it's hard to believe that I have less than 6 weeks until my due date. The countdown is on! Since I don't have a lot of time left before my little one arrives, I have been trying to get use out of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, which of course includes a lot of maxi dresses! As much as I would love to buy spring/summer maternity clothes, it just doesn't seem practical at this point. I purchased the maxi dress I am wearing today last summer from Old Navy and was so happy that it still fit when I tried it on again, especially because I feel like I have had another growth spurt recently! Baby girl is almost here, so remixing old comfortable go-to pieces has been a must for me. If you are looking for cute maternity options to keep you comfortable in the rising temperatures, I am loving Old Navy's selection, which all happen to be around $40 or less!

Old Navy Maxi Dress (non-maternity, similar version in the exact color here)
Gorjana Cuff via Rocksbox (get your first month FREE with the code lindsayxoxo1)
Audrey Necklace c/o Laura Elizabeth Jewelry
Beth Necklace c/o Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

April 10, 2015

Bump Bows & My Baby Shower

TGIF!! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I can tell that the weeks are flying by quickly because by Friday I am completely exhausted at this point. I reached 34 weeks yesterday, which means only 6 short weeks left or so until we get to meet our baby girl. My husband keeps joking and saying that hopefully she's a girl, since we have not had another ultrasound since we found out the sex at around 20 weeks. Today's post is a little more intimate than usual for me. I was super intimated to share my bare baby bump for all the world to see, but thankfully I had a little help from Bump Bows. Although I am fortunate enough to still have an innie (just barely!), Bump Bows are perfect for all you expecting mamas who are looking for a way to smooth down your popped belly button from sticking out underneath your clothing. They are also a super cute for gender reveals or maternity shoots! They come in 3 color choices (blue, pink, or green) and two patterns (stripes or polka dots). I will be giving away some Bump Bows in a few weeks for a Mama and Me giveaway to help celebrate my 1st blog-anniversary so stay tuned!

I also wanted to share some photos from my baby shower this past weekend. My sister and mom put it together and I had such a great time honoring our baby girl with my closest family and friends. All of the food and drinks were so delicious and the close eye to detail that my family had was so special. My sister even told me that she got a Pinterest account specifically to stalk my wants for baby girl! Now that's an awesome sister! My parents had saved my bassinet from when I was a baby, which will be what Harper sleep in for the first few months, and I loved that my mom included it at the shower.

Thank you for reading and following along. I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a beautiful weekend!

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April 8, 2015

Shopbop Sale Favorites

As you have all heard by now if you follow along in the blogging world, Shopbop is having their fabulous Friends & Family event! From now until April 9th, you can take 25% off your entire order with the code SPRING25. Today I have linked up my favorite items from the sale, for both pregnant and non-pregnant readers out there. You can shop directly from the links below. I'd love for you to tell me in the comments below what your favorite items from the sale or what you have purchased!