December 12, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Time Pieces

10. Michael Kors 'Bradshaw' Chronograph Watch

If you have been a follower of my blog or Instagram you have probably seen me wear my beloved Michael Kors watch a time or two. Let's be honest, I would love to own other watches, but I find that my Bradshaw watch goes with pretty much everything I wear and I love its oversized look! Today I created a gift guide with the top 10 watches that I think would be on any ladies wishlist for Christmas and beyond. A watch makes the perfect gift, especially since there are so many styles to choose from, it can really feel like a personalized item. Many watch brands also allow for total customization, such as Michele watches, where you can pick out whatever face and band you like best. I also love the idea of a pre-owned watch for more expensive investment pieces, such as a vintage Rolex. I had never really heard of buying pre-owned watches until I was approached by Swiss Wrist to check out their products. Swiss Wrist offers both new and pre-owned Rolex watches for men and women. If I had to choose one that would be on my 'what I would buy if I won the lottery' wishlist, I would definitely choose the vintage two-toned men's Rolex watch. I am a sucker for men's watches and this one definitely reminds me of something that my grandpa would have worn. I'd love to hear from you - what is your favorite style of watch and what pieces are on your wishlist?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Don't forget you only have a few days left to get your entries in to win a $25 e-gift card to Heirloom Finds. Check out my previous post for details.

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  1. Those are some gorgeous watches. I particularly love everything on the first row!

    1. thanks! I totally agree, the second one is on my wishlist for sure!