November 7, 2014

A Walk Through Union Square

I have been a total slacker on my blog this past week and I apologize (because I know you all noticed I was gone). I was so proud of myself before I left for vacation that I scheduled two posts, and then I totally fell off the grid after Monday's scheduled post. We clearly do not travel often because I was exhausted when we got back! I was so glad I took an extra day off work to recuperate. To say our trip was a blast is an understatement. My favorite part of course was renting a car in Reno and driving to San Jose and San Francisco. We drove through Donner Lake, which was so gorgeous - pictures coming soon! It was so nice to visit our friends, especially since it's been two years since we had visited the Bay Area last. On Monday night we decided to wander around Union Square in San Francisco, and not surprisingly, we ended up at an Irish pub for dinner (and had the most delicious Irish soda bread pudding ever!) I was excited that the weather was nice and cool because it allowed me to wear my favorite Target oversized scarf. The lighting is not the best on this set of photos, but like I said, I tried to be a good productive blogger while I was gone. I am clearly not a real fashion blogger because I look super uncomfortable in most of these pictures... I felt a little weird standing on a street corner to take pictures, but hey, you do what you gotta do! I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Irish soda bread sounds so, so good right now to me! YUMMERS. Sounds like you had a fun trip... love the plaid scarf with the distressed jeans!

    1. haha it was amazing Carrie!! thanks so much :)