June 30, 2014

Top 6 Anthropologie Favorites Under $100

Anthropologie is one of those stores that I find myself going into and having a hard time leaving without something. I absolutely love their selection of not only clothing, but jewelry, accessories, and home goods. Sometimes the price tag can be daunting for shoppers like me who are on a budget and generally steer toward more practical items that I know I will get a lot of use of out versus pieces that are so unique and special that I just have to have them regardless of the price tag. With that being said, if I won $200 to Anthro, I would have no problem spending it on some less than practical items (i.e. a jeweled clutch). Anthropologie has a wonderful sale going on right now, so I spent some time window shopping their site and found six of my current favorites to share with all of you, especially my fellow budget babes. Don't forget to head to my previous post found here for your chance to win $200 to shop at Anthropologie so you can pick up whatever your little heart desires. Happy Monday all, let's enjoy this short week!

1. Laguna Racerback Dress (on sale for $99.95 & comes in two great patterns)
3. Big Cat Reading Glasses (only $48 - so cute for all my fellow eyeglass wearers!)
4. Split Tone Tunic (on sale for $39.95)
6. Portola Shorts ($78)


  1. Love those reading glasses. I don't need contacts or glasses, but I totally wish I did just for those cuties!


    1. Aren't they adorable Kelsey?? I already have multiple pairs but wouldn't mind adding these to the mix! Thanks for stopping by!