June 21, 2014

Blue on Blue

Please excuse my poor excuse for an updo in these pictures. I am all for the messy bun, but this is more like  the "I threw my hair up in the car because if I didn't it would have been in my face and mouth the entire time" style. My husband and I came across this vibrant blue wall on a drive home from a trip to Northern NM and of course we had to stop for a photo op. It seems as though every time we go out to take pictures, the wind decides to blow more intensely than it does at any other point in the day. Please tell me I am not the only one who has this problem. I hesitated to make a post out of these ones, but loved the blue wall (and how it matched my top) too much to let them fall by the wayside. 

Kohls Top (great JCrew lookalike and it's now under $15!)
BCBG Purse (old)
LC Lauren Conrad Avaitors (similar)

I can't believe I am typing this... happy first weekend of summer! xo

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