May 31, 2014

Meanwhile on Instagram...

There is no doubt that Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. I am known to spend a good portion of my down time double tapping some IG's (name that reference!). Although I have to be honest, at times it can feel a bit unauthentic to me seeing so many beautifully styled pictures with perfect lighting, I still enjoy the ease at which I can connect to others through it. And who am I kidding? I probably took the above picture about 10 times to get it "just right". I do not consider myself to be a particularly creative person, however I find that Instagram can be an inspiring outlet for me. Here is a look back at some of my favorite IG pictures from the past two weeks:

My husband and I were lucky enough to go see a Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers game while we were in Arizona for his birthday weekend and had the best seats!

Little miss Joanie Bones Jones (just one of the many ridiculous nicknames we have for her) enjoying the sun while out hiking with us in the mountains over the Memorial Day weekend.

I had a little too much fun matching my nailpolish to my BKR bottle. For the entire month of May, I have been participating in the Blossom X BKR water beauty challenge thanks to Blossom Lounge. I am in the home stretch, and will be blogging more about this challenge once I complete it over the weekend, so stay tuned!

Find me on Instagram @lindsayrutland. 
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! XO

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