May 24, 2014

Long Weekend Lounging

I don't know about you, but when I know I have a three day weekend coming up, all I can think about is wearing comfy clothes and lounging around the house. I am somewhat of a homebody and I truly live for the weekends, especially extended ones. And let's be honest, relaxing and marking things off a to-do list may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it definitely makes me happy. I always look forward to having at least one day during my weekend where I don't wear makeup or dry/style my hair and this one will be no exception - I may even be able to get away with two days of it if I am lucky! Some of my go-to lounge items include:

1. iPad Sleeve: I become quite the Pinner on the weekends, and I love this cheeky iPad case!
2. VS Pink Yoga Leggings: The easiest and most comfortable go-to pant for me at home.
3. Racerback Tank: You can't go wrong with a simple racerback tank for layering.
4. Warby Parker Glasses: I love to switch off between this style ('Holt') and my Crosby's. The new summer line of Warby Parker's are adorable - check them out if you haven't already!
5. American Apparel Hoodie: The most comfortable and versitile hoodies out there, and perfect if your significant other enjoys a freezing cold air conditioned house all summer like mine does.
6. I'm So Tired Tee: I am a huge fan of Hello Apparel, and have been eyeing this tee (and the sweatshirt) forever. Is it ridiculous that I love the saying because it reminds me of my dog?
7. JCrew Moccasins: My husband always makes fun of me for wearing slippers when it's 80+ degrees out, but I can't stand having cold feet! (he also loves that I use a blanket while on the couch 365 days a year)

I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! xo

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