May 7, 2014


When I wore this outfit to work, one of my first interactions of the day was being asked by a co-worker "Is it Valentine's Day?" (insert Emoji side eye face). I absolutely love this shirt and was lucky to snag it during one of Hello Apparel's sales a few months ago. The next item on my wishlist is definitely the I'm So Tired pullover! Also, can we talk about this gorgeous necklace from Viva La Jewels? It is the perfect statement necklace to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Considering my job and where I work, jeans, casual tops, and statement necklaces are my go-to pieces on a Monday through Friday basis. What are your weekday/workday staples?

Hello Apparel Valentine's Day Tee
Gap Always Skinny Jeans
Sugar Love Boutique Jacket (sold out, similar)
Target Booties
Viva La Jewels Sunrise Statement Necklace
Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch
I also must give credit to my husband for coming up with the idea for the location of this shoot. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, this house may look familiar to you. We love being tourists in our own city!


  1. I LOVE BREAKING BAD!!! I was thinking the whole time that, that house looked familiar!

    Love the outfits!
    xo, Mariah

    1. haha thanks Mariah! we were out driving around and came up with this randomly! It is fun to live where the show was filmed :)