May 12, 2014

Heat Wave

New Mexico is very random in the spring time... some days it is in the 70's, and others it's back down to the 50's. The day we took this pictures it was somewhere in the mid 70's, otherwise known as the perfect temperature for me. My husband and I were on our way celebrate my grandma's 88th birthday and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. Ok, I take that back... I wish it could have been a bit less windy, but who am I kidding? That is the name of the game in the springtime here. Given the rise in temperature, I figured it would be the perfect day to bust out a maxi dress and try out my new cult-classic lipstick - Nars 'Heat Wave'. I don't typically wear such bright shades, but figured I'd go for it after seeing it on so many of my favorite bloggers and IGer's. I also have to poke fun at myself for a minute here. You know how sometimes you hear people say that they have held on to something since high school? I am in no way a part of that club, aside from this jacket. I have literally owned this (wait for it...) Hollister denim jacket since I was in high school. I can't believe I have held on to it for all of these years, but I just never have the heart to get rid of it. Now I am glad I have kept it around because it is the perfect lightweight jacket to throw on in the spring and fall.

Gap Maxi Dress (old, similar
Hollister Denim Jacket (old, similar)
Baublebar Triangle Ring
ZeroUV Sunglasses (similar)

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